Our Capacity

The best of the referred to the success of our group is unique and specialist staff, which learned of the promised applications for employment submitted to our company, what we had to pick only the most capable and efficient elements sincere proved that the company’s success is the goal pursued by the …

Welder 30% Survey Eng 3%
Faberikit 20% Furman 7%
Grinding man 20% Vetter Maadaat heavy 3%
Technician 20% Accountant 4%
Side boom operator 10% Administrative 6%
Heavy equipment operator 5% Bending Technician 2%
Mechanical Engineer 5% Boring Technician 2%
Civil Engineer 3% Packaging Technician 3%

The company owns a group of heavy equipment that qualifies them to complete the biggest projects allocated The group of them which the company operates is at most Newly imported as the company can provide a greater number In the case of contracts for large-scale projects. As well as the company has a group of Steamrollers and rubber machines Asphalt Paving and tanks and a number of cranes with different loads. Contracting company with the best fitted for the drills of various sizes and loads The company owns a fleet of twenty-dump is used in the drilling and sand.

Saipem 8% Baltaiwn 3% Lauder 3%
Front wheel louder 4% Bick Up 3% Bending Machinery 2%
Hitachi Excavator 5% Bus 1% Boring Machines 1%
20 Ton Crane 2% Air compressor 4% Packaging Machines 4%
Welding Machines, Lincoln 30% Hydrostatic water compressor 3% excavator long 1%