Our History

Name: Abdul Kahar Khlef Al-Jubouri

Of Birth: 1933 Nineyeh

Company Name: Nubalaa General Contracting Ltd.

Date of exercising the business and contracting 1970.

Work of trade and construction in 1970 in various parts of Iraq and has completed many projects as the Office (the contractor Abdul Kahar Jubouri) in favor of private sector companies and public, the most prominent projects, the Southern Oil Company and South Refineries Company, the North and the North Oil Company and the office was considered a leading contender for Oil Projects Company. .. In 1996, the evolution of labor and capital Zdad Bureau decided to set up a company of nobles General Contracting Co., Ltd. to be the most successful step in the development of the oil infrastructure of Iraq, where they adopted the Southern Oil Company on our company in the implementation of oil projects …