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With over 27 years
Oil & Gas Sevices experience

Welcome to Al-Nubalaa co. Website

Our company are
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27 years

About Us

Our focus is on cultivating customer trust and confidence


Our VISION is to achieve excellence with integrity and meeting expectation at all times. To become a respected name both locally and internationally with our clients, partners and our competitors, thereby building relationships.


To create the best value for money by excel in performance across projects, operation, maintenance and services, with personnel commitment and special attention on time, Health Safety and Environment.


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Our Value

Our success is based on a set of values:

Alnubalaa has long worked on analysing and defining how we can contribute to a more sustainable world. Our commitment has been implemented through policies, ethical codes of conduct and in our values: Care for Life, Act Ethically and Transparently, Be Better - Together, and Commit to Customers.

At our core, we are a company that values keeping our word, delivering on our promises and commitments, and earning the trust of our clients, employees, and the community. We are committed to creating value for our shareholders by being a reliable and trusted partner in all that we do.

How we do business is top priority. We responsibly adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics by being transparent and honest in all our internal and external interactions. We show respect for all individuals and value each and everyone’s unique talents.

We pursue excellence, ensure quality and safety that add value to everything we do. We invest in technology and our people to deliver the best quality products and services for our customers.

This is what we do every day by creating customized solutions for our customers’ most demanding challenges. We continuously seek technological advancement and relentlessly search for better solutions for both small and large concerns.

Features Project

Explore Our Project.

Flashing & Cleaning of Pipline

Client: ROO / Year: 2017 / Location: Rumaila

Flowline and tie-in works between welheads and manifolds

Client: ROO/ Year: 2019/ Location: Rumaila

Pipeline Construction & Commissioning

Client: ROO/ Year: 2017/ Location: Rumaila

Flange Management

Client: ROO/ Year: 2018/ Location: Rumaila

Manifold Fabrication & Installation

Client: ROO/ Year: 2018/ Location: North Rumaila, CPS02

EPC & OPERATION office building

Client: Company Asset/ Year: 2022/ Location: Salahaldden, Iraq